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About Del Core



Del Core is a fashion house founded in Milan in 2020 by Daniel Del Core. The first collection has been presented in February 2021.

At the heart of the project are an aesthetic vision and the environment where it comes to life: a house, in the tradition of the maison. Del Core is located in an historic building at via Donizetti 30, in the heart of Milano.

The 19th century edifice is a mix of Old World elegance, with details such as the original wrought iron balustrade, and contemporary additions such as avocatus marble elements, walnut flooring, velvet curtains and furniture designed by Daniel Del Core himself.

Plants throughout the space reflect the centrality of greenery in the author’s world.

The house revolves, both literally and metaphorically, around the atelier. Here Daniel Del Core and his team mold fabrics and textures, with an emphasis on beauty and Made in Italy craft. The same emphasis on artisanal excellence shapes the supply chain, from fabrics to manufacturing, relying on a roster of some of the best workshops that operate in Italy today.

Del Core integrates made-to-measure designs with ready-to-wear, creating uniquely feminine pieces that marry the flowing and the architectural. An idea of mutant glamor is conveyed throughout, brought on everyday territory in the selection of pieces that makes up for abstract, the pre-collection offer.

The Del Core collection is carried by top-end luxury retailers. The Milanese atelier welcomes private clients for made-to-measure appointments.



All in one place: an aesthetic vision needs an organic environment to come to life. In the tradition of the maison de couture this environment, for Del Core, is a building: a house where creation unfolds and clients are welcomed for made to measure appointments.

Each floor is a stage of a creative and transformative process. Following the flow of the human body, in which thoughts and feelings expand from the head to the limbs, so in the house of Del Core the process starts from the top floor to end at the ground floor where the client is welcomed.

About Del Core



Born in Germany and based in Milan, Daniel Del Core is the founder and creative director of Del Core. Having moved to Italy as a teenager to study fashion and visual arts, he worked for prominent fashion houses, launching his namesake brand in 2020.

Del Core heralds a vision of mutant glamour that stems from a passion for sci-fi and fantasy cinema, modern architecture and the world of nature, brought to life through painstaking atelier work and the wonders of Made in Italy craft.

The output of the house is accomplished, ranging from occasion pieces to unique creations for the everyday.